Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers


Karen Fain is one of our personal trainers who utilizes Interval Training with a mix of weights and cardio to support weight loss, muscle tone and strength, flexibility, and overall improved health!  She holds a certificate in personal training through Expert Rating Certified Professionals and has two years of MMA training.  If you’re interested, Kickboxing can be added to your workout!  Kickboxing is a fun cardio workout that focuses on numerous muscle groups.  She is also an Advocare distributor and can provide both personal nutrition and supplement advice. Karen can help you get started on a new, happier you TODAY!


Certified as an Aquatic Specialist Exercise since 2005 and a somewhat zealot for water.  Additional certifications for Personal Training, Swim Instructor, and Arthritis Foundation certification in Aqua,Group Training, and T’ai Chi provide a platform of training and concepts for the use of water as a great exercise alternative. Fortunate to have two sons(now adults), this Weekend Warrior coached Youth Sports from 4-year old soccer to American League Baseball, plus basketball and football.  Now a grandfather, he piddles in golf, bicycling, walking (Peachtree Road race) and has recently completed P90x & Rip 60.

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