About Us

About Us

Our Vision

We at Alcovy Fitness & Wellness want to be the inspiration and leadership to guide our community to become the fittest community in America. We are passionate about helping others and want to be the Customer Care Benchmark in fitness!

Our Mission

We want to inspire, support and lead every member in their efforts to a healthy, productive and fun life. Please remember that “to inspire” means “to breathe life into” and that “to support” means “to keep from falling or failing”.

Our Goal               

Our goal is to lead believers and seekers of fitness to become loyal, lifelong fans!

We feel that every member of our community is ultimately seeking a healthier lifestyle - but may or may not know to get there. We divide our members into 2 groups in terms of fitness: BELIEVERS and SEEKERS. “Believers” include those who already embrace exercise and all of its benefits. “Believers” know that “Life is a sport worth training for”. “Seekers” include those who have come to realize (or are beginning to realize) that health and wellness are essential to their quality of life and would like to discover more. “Seekers” need our help and attention, may become easily intimidated, and need our fitness community to support them. Our goal is to lead “believers” and “seekers” of fitness to become loyal, lifelong fans!


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